Celtics to Get Hayward in Free Agency

We know that this season is all but over, but I can never help looking forward to the next big move in basketball. The one that has been swirling around the NBA for a moment happens to be about Gordon Hayward right now. Rumor has it, there is a good possibility he will be on his way to Boston for next season.

Think about it…. Gordon Hayward is the missing piece the Celtics need to be quite possibly the team to beat going forward. His gameplay would compliment the fast paced high calibur offense of Isaiah Thomas perfectly. Also, it may help that Coach Brad Stevens happened to be Gordon Hayward’s college coach back in his days at Butler. As great as Utah has been for Hayward, unless they bring him a lot of success this post season, then he is going to leave. He is a talented player looking for a shot at greatness, and the way the Boston Celtics are playing, they will give him the better chance at a ring then will the Jazz.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Gordon Hayward play this year, take a look at these highlights!


San Antonio Spurs: The Dynasty

With last nights win over the Timberwolves, the San Antonio Spurs clinched a playoff birth into the 2017 NBA playoffs. This marks the team’s 20th straight appearance in the playoffs making them one of only four other franchises to complete this top tier feature. The Spurs now join the lengths of Syracuse/Philadelphia (22 straight trips from 1950-1971), Portland (1983-2003), and Utah (1984-2003). It’s safe to say that the Spurs coach Gregg Popavich is one of the greatest coaches to date, but some have gone as far as saying he is the greatest coach to ever coach in the big leagues.

This team is truly a dynasty and seems to continue their great efforts. The way this team is built and the way it has been coached, I can only imagine their success will continue, and they could very well become one of the only teams to reach 30 straight years of playoffs, and potentially many championships in that time as well.

Here is a little taste of Spurs basketball in case you have missed it for the last 20 years!

Triple Double Kind of Year

Last night, Ricky Rubio put up a triple double against the San Antonio Spurs. Though it was not the loudest triple double we have seen this year, it still counts. Rubio had 11 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists. This triple double effort marks history as the NBA has totalled 79 triple doubles thus far into the season. The previous record was 78 set back in 1988-89.

So what makes this year so special? Is it the players, the athleticism, the lack of defense? The answer….. Russell Westbrook. He is holding down the fort putting up 30 triple doubles to this point. Don’t get me wrong, James Harden and LeBron James are helping as the background cast, but Westbrook has made it his goal to not only set this record, but to make it near impossible to beat for the years to come.

The game of basketball is evolving and we are witnessing greatness!


J.R Gets a Little Chippy

In case you missed the rather boring game between the Cleveland Caveliers and the Miami Heat in which the Cavs sat LeBron and Kyrie, you did miss one thing that happened just as the game was nearing a close.

Let’s take a look…..

J.R Smith (not even dressed for the game), says what I imagine were very colorful words to opposing player Rodney McGruder, and then eventually turning his words to Dion Waiters as well. So why did J.R go off like he did? Well, McGruder decided he would taunt the Cavs by smacking Channing Frye on the back after he dunked over the top of him. It was a clear smack and definitely unsportsmanlike!

In my opinion, J.R did what any good teammate would do! He stuck up for his brothers. Your team is down by 30 points, and the other team (who isn’t that great anyways) decides to rub the victory in your face. That’s not cool! Good for you J.R. It’s good to see that you care for your teammates. And as for you McGruder…. Grow up! It would be one thing if your team was good and you wanted be a little prideful. But that is not the case. Your team is crap! Take the 30 point victory and be a little humble. I imagine the next time the Cavs see the Heat on the court that there will be no mercy. Look out Rodney McGruder. You’ve opened yourself a can of whoop a**!

No More Melo for New York?

Word got out not too long ago that the Cleveland Caveliers just declined an offer from the New York Knicks to send Carmelo Anthony to the Cavs, and to bring Kevin Love to New York. After such offer was declined, new rumors are swirling regarding Knicks speaking with both the Clippers and also Boston in regards to moving Carmelo. It’s pretty clear that Phil Jackson has had enough of Melo and is ready to start over new without him. The question is, is there another team out their that wants to bring in Melo and what he has to offer, and potentially trade away valuable resources to do so? As if that was hard enough for the Knicks to find a solid trade, now we have to add in the fact that Melo has a no trade clause over him which prevents the team from trading him unless he personally accepts the offer. Anthony has previously told reporters that he has no intention of leaving, and that he is content with where he is at. I imagine that will be changing here shortly when he gets word that his team doesn’t really want him. I certainly would not want to play for a team that doesn’t want me.

So what do you think? Will the Knicks be able to trade Carmelo Anthony before the February 3rd trade deadline? Comment your thoughts!

Westbrook, Pachulia; Flagrant or Flop

If you didn’t get a chance to watch last night’s matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Golden State Warriors, you didn’t miss much with the score….. but you did miss this play.


Russell Westbrook had the ball coming off the screen from Enis Kanter. On the other side of the screen sat big man Zaza Pachulia of the Warriors. Like the players do now a days, Westbrook rose up from way beyond the arc to get the foul call and three free throws. Pachulia gave Westbrook a decent foul, and continued to sit over top of Westbrook as if to prove a point. Clearly Pachulia fouled Westbrook, but it gets interesting when you look at the play in slow motion. After Pachulia initiates the contact, he catches the ball in one hand, and then hits Westbrook in the face with his other hand. Obviously Westbrook sold it a little better than he had too laying on the ground for some time, but was Zaza trying to prove a point to OKC’s star guard? After all, he did stand over him as if to say, “there is more where that came from”. And as if this wasn’t bad enough, Draymond Green always has to do something stupid. In this case, Green applauds the big man as if this was planned on all along. Real classy!

Not Seeing Clearly with “Ruby” Vision

Recent talk has sparked some interest around the NBA. Word is, the Minnesota Timberwolves are actively shopping point guard Ricky Rubio. With this past draft class, the Timberwolves picked up Kris Dunn with the number 5 pick. Clearly a pick like this shows that they are wanting a change in the guard position. The Wolves are looking for a player to take the reigns at guard for now, but someone who will slowly enter the back seat as Dunn progresses in the league. With this trade, I assume that the Wolves will go after some veterans to come off the bench following behind their solid starters. I’m expecting them to make the trade soon with the way they are shopping Rubio.